Okavax Vaccine

We are a prominent name in the industry engaged in exporting of Okavax Vaccine. Chicken Pox Vaccine is used for the treatment of the very common disease, i.e., Okavax Vaccine. Okavax Vaccine that we export is highly recommended for children as they have the most favorable chances to catch the disease. Our Chicken Pox Vaccine is prepared using the finest quality chemicals and is free from any sort of serious side-effects.

Okavax Vaccine Is Recommended For :

  • All children of age less than age 13 years (one dose at 12–15 months and a second dose at age 4–6 years)
  • Everyone age 13 years and older who has never had chickenpox (two doses, given 4–8 weeks apart)
  • Almost all (97%) children between age 12 months and 12 years develop immunity to the disease after one dose of vaccine. For older children and adults, an average of 78% develops immunity after one dose and 99% develop immunity after the recommended two doses.

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